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Miðhús sf
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Before contacting, we ask your kind attention to the following:

Generally, an eiderdown comforter is thousands of euros apiece, even the cheapest ones with fill density as low as 150 grams/m2 which would practically be useless. Offers are even commonly given without specifying fill quantity although the eiderdown is by far the most valuable ingredient of the item. Total falsification of filling and/or mixing with cheaper down, accompanied by phony certification are common practices.

As if this was not enough, the quality of the eiderdown itself varies. Influencing factors are the weather during the harvesting season as well as each harvester’s work methods and each raw material processor’s technology and knowledge. The tiny eiderdown industry has no set quality standards or classifications, everything depends on the harvesters, and processors or exporters to foreign manufacturers, with their professionalism or lack thereof. Note that by explaining this we are certainly not preparing to shortchange our clients. On the contrary, if that was the case we would not clarify where the eiderdown quality really lies but would simply give the reader some hype. We would claim that the Muscovy duck down is really as good for a fraction of the price, or that silk wears out much faster than cotton. We have one advantage  above others in the industry as we do everything ourselves from harvesting to processing to fabric sourcing to choosing seamstress. By controlling every step, we may ensure a product we are satisfied with and proud of.

Telling things as they are is not meant to scare anyone. Eiderdown is precious enough by itself and it does not need any “hot air”. It is a much sought after commodity. It does not have to meet every requirement and to tick every box no more than a Bugatti Chiron would need to be fit as a daily drive to be desirable at all. It is the sense of occasion which counts for the  client we seek. Then pure practicality takes second place although it should always be present even if an item is bought only for the sense of procession.

The purpose of this site is to be a visiting card in Miðhús marketing of its retail goods to potential dealers as well as a sales tool for these. We actively seek dealers and dealer enquiries would be welcome but we already have, based on successful experience, a clear understanding of what kind of dealer could handle this item effectively. For this reason, we would measure every enquiry against our set of requirements without divulging them.  Common bedding stores are not fit to deal in eiderdown comforters as bedding per se is generally seen as a discount item and their clients are not part of our target market.

Eiderdown comforters are fit for a temperate climate and modern housing the world over.

Miðhús handles eiderdown from its very origin, the harvesting in the wild to providing ready washed fill material for the finished comforter. Miðhús sources silk fabric from renowned German silk spinners/weavers according to individual clients orders and outsources manufacturing to high quality, consequently high cost Latvian dress maker/seamstress to ensure quality workmanship. Our goods are not made in China or Bangladesh to cut corners and costs.

Miðhús can handle any order big or small with a two month lead time. You cannot hurry quality and a good thing is worth a wait,  a short one in comparison with 20 years of the expected lifetime of the product under normal use and proper handling.

Eiderdown comforters are not fit for hotels as there bedding needs to be washed after each guest and an eiderdown comforter, any down comforter for that matter, would never stand that. A user sweats during nighttime so the next guest cannot be expected to accept a down comforter used by a stranger the night before. An eiderdown comforter is a private item.

Miðhús is able to tailor-make eiderdown garments according to clients specifications. We are educated and experienced in marketing, merchandizing and product development.

We thank you, kind reader, for your interest, patience and understanding.