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Silk comforter Miðhús is filled with eiderdown

Miðhús makes comforters from 100% silk as this fabric matches the properties of eiderdown better than others. Eiderdown is light and regulates temperature and moisture. These properties in a comforter lead to uninterrupted and calm sleep and therefore the user wakes up fully rested and ready to take on any challenges of the new day.

Miðhús silk comforter is adapted to the taste of every individual client

Miðhús sources the silk for its every comforter from a German supplier who has a wide selection of patterns and colors, hence is able to meet the requirements of individual clients. The client may choose the fabric for his/her comforter directly from our supplier’s catalog and this way trust their own instincts and design goods according to their taste.  Then the comforter shell is then sewn in the required size by no less than a professional dress-maker to ensure the quality of workmanship after which it is filled with eiderdown in desired density.

Miðhús silk comforter –  those who strive for the best in everything should not exclude bedding in the form of eiderdown comforters from their list.

Beware if you see any of the comforter photos shown here anywhere else. These have been stolen to illustrate goods of dubious origin.  These comforter photos are made by  Miðhús and belong exclusively to Miðhús. Articles from older Miðhús sites have also been copied and used in copycat sites. Copying is not a form of flattery. It is nothing but theft. However,  by dealing with the very source, one is sure to get the real thing. There are no shortcuts in reaching a high level of professionalism. It requires sound education and years of dedication, hard work as well as active research and development. Stagnation is not an option – it is a dead end. Sites offering eiderdown comforters on-line only started popping up after Miðhús had had its site established in 1999. Experience has taught us, at the same time, that trading eiderdown comforters on-line is roughly as effective as firing a gun into the air at random in the expectation of hitting a bird. Honestly, what wealthy client in his right mind will trust an unknown web site of an unknown entity in an unknown country in the middle of nowhere, displaying little more than the mere word “eiderdown” and a price list containing items, each worth thousands of dollars, sometimes even over $10,000 apiece?  “Target market” is a marketing term, not an agricultural one.

Eiderdown and the purpose of this site

Marketing is a science that is widely ignored. Amateurs think they can do without it. Think again. Who would skip a doctor’s appointment and self-medicate instead?  An eiderdown comforter is an exorbitantly expensive item in absolute terms, albeit not in relative ones. So anyway,  it does not lend itself to the internet trade. It is an unusual, little known item and a tactile one at that, so it has to be seen, felt and experienced in a real store environment. The common bedding stores are unfit to serve this purpose as they invariably are permanent discount outlets and consequently bedding per se has no luxury image at all. Brand stores will decline to sell this item as they sell only their own goods and multi-brand luxury stores will not sell this either since they do not know the entity offering the goods. There is a definite solution to this contradiction, this circle may be squared but as the original technology, images and texts have already been stolen from Miðhús over the years, we have no intention of sharing the formula that we have developed and that has already proven its value.

The purpose of this site is therefore first and foremost to be an electronic business card for Miðhús eiderdown goods and an on-line catalog for a knowledgable real-life sales representative in a one-to-one encounter with the client. All others may enjoy the pictures and the text. We too sometimes like to window shop. It just so happens that, unlike 350 other Icelandic owners of eider nesting grounds,  we own “a gold mine“ and we can thus afford to do things.

Miðhús silk comforter offers a choice of size and fill density

Miðhús has decades of experience making eiderdown comforters for clients worldwide, for example in France, England, USA, Canada, Russia or Japan as well as at home in Iceland. Miðhús is able to make comforters of any size and offers two fill densities, 250 grams/m2 and 300 grams/m2. Any less will not be warm enough and any more is not needed given modern living conditions. When a comforter maker offers a single size eiderdown comforter with 400 grams fill weight, he is skimping on the expensive fill material, which renders the product useless. This means he has not defined his target market or, in layman’s terms, he has no clue as to whom to sell to and should rather concentrate on his regular discount goods for which there is a plentiful and obvious market at hand.

Miðhús silk comforter  contains only down from female birds

Eiderdown is the only kind of down available that comes only from female birds. Male eiders do not shed down. Additionally, eiderdown originates only from mature birds which ensures the down is “ripe”. For comparison, down from domestic birds comes from both sexes and is a by-product of meat production and as only young birds are edible, their plumage is not fully developed, meaning any down collected from these birds is not ripe.

Miðhús silk comforters contain only down from the belly of the bird

Eiderdown is the only down that comes from one area of the bird’s body. The female sheds it from a spot on her belly. This explains why eiderdown is homogenous and of high quality. In comparison, other types of down are a mixture that comes from all over the bird’s body, and it thus varies in properties and quality.

Miðhús silk comforter – sleep in a warm cloud

Eiderdown is a homogenous mass with its units interconnected. This structure enables eiderdown to trap air, thereby creating ideal thermal insulation. Airy and light, these are the properties of high-quality bedding which create comfort for its owner. This is the reason why eiderdown has been sought after for bedding items for centuries.

Miðhús  silk comforter regulates temperature and moisture

Just as eiderdown, silk has thermo- and moisture-regulating qualities. Therefore these two natural materials complement each other perfectly in a comforter. Eiderdown comforter breathes and lets out extra warmth and moisture from the body. Under an eiderdown comforter the owner sleeps calmly and peacefully, warm and dry because extra warmth and moisture are carried away instead of accumulating and making him stuffy and wet. This is why eiderdown is the most comfortable filling for bedding known today and has been in high demand for centuries.

Miðhús comforter follows a millenтium old Icelandic tradition

Even under modern high comfort living conditions, eiderdown continues to enjoy as high of a demand as it did over a millennium ago. No synthetics are able to produce this feeling. Norse Viking chiefs of the 9th century and modern-day Japanese business managers have a couple of things in common: insatiable craving for eiderdown comforters and the means to acquire them. Today, a wind-swept inhospitable barren rock named Iceland, surrounded and constantly beaten by heavy waves the North Atlantic Ocean, still supplies a small connoisseur market in two of the world’s richest economies, Germany and Japan,  with this “quaint and curious” comforter fill material, the eiderdown.