Now we found a new way to use eiderdown, the Miðhús eiderdown coat.

Here is an example of our product development, a coat containing 200 grams of eiderdown from 12 eider nests, accompanied by an eiderdown scarf with about 20 grams of down from just one eider nest. This unique item has already been in use for years and has proven to be light yet warm during winter. We are happy to tell our clients already familiar with the benefits of eiderdown in comforters that we are fully capable of making one-of-a-kind items. Our new attitude to design is, however,  that garments containing eiderdown should not resemble common down jackets seen on every corner but rather be classical outerwear in, for example, the English country style. Their eiderdown content should simply be a hidden asset, known to the confident owner, a secret only occasionally but proudly shared with his/her closest friends. Eiderdown garments are for those who might have the model designation deleted from their car much in the manner of a Q-ship, as they feel no insecure urge to flaunt their superior assets to the general public.