What has been the treasure of kings for centuries and is even today rarer than a new Ferrari?


The answer is an eiderdown comforter.


The eider is a large, arctic duck , somateria mollissima in Latin, which has been protected by law in Iceland for over a century.

凫是一种生活在北极地带的大型水鸟,拉丁语里叫做“somateria mollissima”。一百多年来,该鸟在冰岛一直受法律保护。

Every spring it returns ashore from its habitat, the North Atlantic ocean , makes a nest, sheds 17 gram of grey, very light down into it and lays 4-5 big eggs. After its ducklings have hatched, all eiders return back to the ocean.


The down left behind, comes only from female, fully grown, live birds. This makes it always mature and uniform.


Currently, the majority of eiderdown on the world market comes from Iceland where harvesting it is a thousand year old tradition. Only 2.5 t are properly gathered every spring and cleaned by specialized, secret technology which leaves Icelandic eiderdown without contest in quality. This is an environmentally friendly, sustainable, green industry.